8 Weeks of Progress

It’s been exactly 8 weeks since Chase’s injury and I wanted to give everyone an update. In the past few weeks he has been cleared by his neurosurgeon, come off ALL medications related to his traumatic brain injury, gone back to work seeing patients, and played in two golf tournaments. If you had asked me 8 weeks ago if any of the above would have been possible, I would have answered no. The night of his brain surgery, I was told he would most likely spend weeks in the hospital followed by more weeks at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. He amazes me everyday and we are still praising the work of the amazing doctors and the good Lord himself for where he is today.

To give you a more specific update, after we came home from the hospital, he spent hours a day doing therapy and also sleeping. The sleepiness and exhaustion lasted for quite a while and is common in patients with TBI. Many days he would sleep a “normal” amount of time and those days would be followed by 16hrs stretches of sleep the following day. I’m happy to report he is back to a “normal for Chase” sleeping routine!

As far as his physical deficits from the accident, he has regained use of all of his left side.  Right after the accident, he was left with a severe deficit in his left arm and hand as well as his left foot.  The left foot began operating normally just after surgery and the arm began working normally just after returning home. What we were left with was the left hand weakness and numbness. He still cannot feel his fingers on his left hand, however he can operate them normally. I have no idea how he can accomplish this without being able to feel, but he can. There were a number of weeks after his accident where he was relegated to plastic cups only after a few mishaps with glass, but he is also back to glassware now – ha!

I’m still amazed how far he has progressed and his attitude during all of this. There were a few days initially where he was down in the dumps as anyone would be. But his attitude turned around very quickly and he got to work doing anything and everything he could to heal his body. He changed his diet to the most brain friendly, anti inflammatory diet possible. He spent hours on the most tedious tasks in order to retrain his brain. He did what was necessary to succeed despite the cards he had been dealt.

There is a quote by the poet Victor Hugo which describes Chase perfectly:

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.”

These are the truest words and describe the last 8 weeks perfectly.

Again, we appreciate the outpouring of love and kindness shown to us these last few weeks. Everywhere I go, I’m asked, “How’s Chase?”.  It’s an incredible feeling to know how caring this community has and continues to be.

Much Love,